PUB 2/280 Active 2-Way Loudspeaker

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The Schertler PUB 2/280 consists of an 8” bass reflex driver plus a 1” compression tweeter, housed in an extremely portable enclosure. Driven by two built-in amplifiers (200 watts RMS into 8 ohms for the low end, 80 watts RMS into 8 ohms for the highs, both with less than 0.10% THD), the PUB 2/280 has a frequency response of 38 HZ to 22 kHz while delivering 118 dB of clean, accurate sound.

Designed for acoustic instrument stage amplification (in combination with the Schertler PRE-AII) or small club PA applications, the PUB 2/280 can be used either by itself or in combination with the PUB 1/380 Active Bass Extension.

DAVID – Acoustic Amplifier

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Following the tremendously positive reaction in Europe and the US from dealers and players to the UNICO, Schertler is pleased to introduce David, a more compact acoustic instrument combo amplifier. Featuring the same high attention to quality and sound, David is perfect for the artist requiring only two input channels.

From preamplifiers to loudspeakers, all components were selected for their natural and accurate response. Two power amps with an active crossover supply 50 watts to the 6” woofer and 30 watts to the 1” dome tweeter. The result is velvety, clear harmonics with a controlled, strong low end (down to 40 Hz). The technology of biamplification produces a very transparent sound as well a providing maximum efficiency by properly matching amplifiers to loudspeakers.

In addition, each power amplifier features limiter circuitry to deliver secure speaker protection. Amplifiers are built with bipolar transistors (no MOS-FET) and are powered by a robust, traditional power supply (toroidial transformer).

David’s innovative CLASS-A circuitry and built-in analog spring reverberation deliver the warm, smooth and musical sound that acoustic musicians have been seeking. Whether your instrument is guitar or violin, mandolin or cello, listen to your playing through David. You’ll be amazed!