About Us

With it’s revolutionary approach to musical instruments and amplifiers, Schertler made an actual impact on the music community. Founded by esteemed Swiss engineer and double-bass player, Stephen Schertler, the company soon gained international recognition. Schertler’s drive towards the world of electronic music resulted in creating some of the most prominent modular mixers and electronic equipment for emerging artists across Europe.

Schertler’s primary aim was to create edgy technology for reproducing the sound of string instruments. With a focus on gaining the accuracy in producing sound, the company slowly established a set of standards for obtaining the high-quality sound tools, harnessing the acoustic vibrations of each instrument.

As of 2003, Schertler made another breakthrough with its “next generation” series of amplifiers. With the birth of the first classical string amplifiers, Unico and David, musicians across the world got a portable solution with high-quality results. Schertler amplifiers have been built for any performing venue, from small home studios to large concert venues, which gave them the advantage of being one of the top choices in their niche.