Best Acoustic Amplifiers in 2017

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Having the right set of equipment can mean a lot if you want to leave a standing impression with your performance. Whether you are a professional musician or just starting to dive into music more deeply, you need a good amplifier to make your instrument sound brighter, stronger, or deeper. In case you’ve been struggling to find the amp that will suit your needs, read our list of best acoustic amplifiers in 2017.

Giulia Y

acousting amplifier

This lady is your date in case you’re playing in small venues, studios, or at just practicing at home. Although it’s more compact than her sister Giulia, this girl provides the same power output and high-quality sound.

Giulia Y runs on two channels, with 50 W of bi-amplified power. It can be used with most mics and guitars, thanks to the 1/4’’ Jack input. In case you’re using bridge-mounted pickups, you can quickly adjust the sound quality to get that warmer sound.


The second piece of the “next generation” series of amplifiers in Schertler family. David is a 3-channel amplifier that gives you a lot more options than Giulia. It supports a mic, an instrument, or a stereo device since the inputs apply Bootstrap technology, which allows for an automatic response to any device connected to David.

Being a member of the “next generation,” David comes with some cool features. Most of them are oriented toward obtaining a better sound quality and control and includes switchable resonance filter, adjustable DI Out located in the master section, and mute switch.


This 5-channel, all-rounder acoustic amplifier is a real treat for music professionals. Whether you want to use it with a mic, an instrument, or additional devices such as a computer or an MP3 player, Jam can hold any output device without losing the sound quality. Once again, a Bootstrap technology gives an automatic response to the output device. It comes with three main channels, which can be used with different variations of the balanced or unbalanced sound.

Jam runs on 200 W of bi-amplified power, offering some of the greatest sound quality features to-date. Jam is an excellent answer to aggressive sounds in lower registers, with an additional subwoofer that won’t damage the amplifier.