BLUESTiCK™ is a patented active transducer that places the miniaturized equivalent of a studio-grade condenser microphone under your guitar’s saddle. It’s the first acoustic guitar transducer to actually reproduce the sound of a guitar – instead of merely recreating it via imprecise piezo-ceramic mechanics.

You’ll enjoy extended frequency response, microscopic detail and up to 30dB more dynamic range than with old-technology transducers.

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Santa Cruz Guitar Company is now equipping their Model H Guitar with Schertler BLUESTiCK. Click here to read Guitar Player ,magazine’s January 2003 announcing this exciting product update.

One-thousandth the weight of a piezo. The heart of BLUESTiCK is a miniaturized electrostatic condenser microphone with a moving mass of just 0.0014 milligrams. Because it’s so remarkably light, it can fully respond to the incredibly subtle harmonic vibrations that truly determine the sound of your guitar. You’ll immediately hear a richer, more complex sound without the “midrange suck-out” that plagues piezo pickups.

A true story from the road. We recently demoed BLUESTiCK for a highly respected manufacturer of acoustic guitars. Their initial reaction was that “the midrange was thick” when compared to the piezo pick-ups they were used to. So we had them sit halfway between the guitar and amp…and then turned the amp all the way down so they were just hearing the guitar. As we slowly brought up the amplifier (and BLUESTiCK pick-up), jaws dropped. The listeners realized they were hearing an identical sound with all of their guitar’s rich midrange correctly reproduced by BLUESTiCK!

Up to 10dB more volume before feedback. The BLUESTiCK microphone element is housed in a hermetically sealed sound chamber just two-tenths of a millimeter thick. This unique acoustic resonator evenly collects sound from each string and delivers it to the transducer via a logarithmically-scaled high pressure zone at the exact center.

System resonance remains out of the audible frequency spectrum, so you get considerably more volume before feedback – without resorting to notch filters or equalizers. Quit compensating for your transducer.One of the first things seasoned players comment on is that with BLUESTiCK, they can finally play naturally when amplified at stage volumes. They no longer have to hold back to avoid saturation, clipping or feedback… because BLUESTiCK provides far more feedback resistance than piezo pickups thanks to its extreme acoustic isolation. You can play louder – and softer – than before.

Simple, non-invasive installation. BLUESTiCK consists of a micro-Class A preamp module with over 1,000 hours playing time between lithium battery changes, the patented undersaddle condenser transducer, and an ingenious Sound Wheel that allows quick volume changes while maintaining full gain control. Just one small hole needs to be drilled under the guitar’s saddle. BLUESTiCK requires no visual modification of your instrument – no more unsightly control panels, volume knobs, and so on. We offer eight BLUESTiCK models to fit any acoustic guitar, from classic to western, nylon to steel string, as well as 12-string and acoustic bass guitar.